You can see various automotive refinish products of NOROO Paint & Coatings.

Company Profile

NOROO Paint & Coatings has made advances in automotive refinish industry through continuous research and study since 1980.

Since its inception of the automotive refinish division in 1980, a commitment to continuous research and development at Noroo Paint & Coatings has ensured its leadership of the automotive refinish industry in Korea. Noroo Paint & Coatings made huge progress when it chose to technically cooperate with global companies at an early stage. This, coupled with its investments in new plants and a training center, has helped the company to become the leader in the Korean market with its advanced automotive refinish technology. Noroo Paint & Coatings is presently expanding rapidly into new global markets. Noroo Paint & Coatings opened its first Beijing paint agent in 2003 and has extended its overseas business to Middle East, USA, Southeast Asia and Africa. Also, an automotive refinish manufacturing factory with advanced equipment in Poseung Industrial Complex was recently established in 2008 and has been providing the most competitive products to customers. With its state of the art technology and great pride, the automotive refinish division of Noroo Paint & Coatings will strive to increase customer satisfaction to a greater extent than ever before.

  • 2016

    Entered into the local automotive refinish market through
    Joint Venture in Turkey

    Launched automatic color searching &
    correction system "COLOR-Q"

    Launched environmental-friendly waterbased system "WATER Q"

  • 2015

    Entered into the local automotive refinish market through
    Joint Venture in Malaysia

    Launched EF System for fleet and commercial vehicle

    Launched non-sanding primer surfacer "PS-810"

    Launched 2:1 universal clearcoat "Master Pro TC-2200"

  • 2014

    Started local production in Mauritius, East Africa through
    technical license

    Launched premium clearcoat "TC-9300"

    Launched multi-color primer surfacer "PS-440 Black, Gray, White"

    Launched Bodyian primer surfacer "BP-2700(White), 2800(Black)"

  • 2013

    Established automotive refinish Joint Venture in India

    Launched 2:1 high solid clearcoat "TC-5300"

    Launched 2:1 clearcoat "TC-1500"

    Sales of miscellaneous products
    (dust mask, masking/covering tape, etc.)

  • 2012

    Started local production in Ghana, West Africa through
    technical license

    Started export by Chinese affiliate through local production

  • 2010

    Launched environmental-friendly waterborne
    system "WATER-COLOR"

    Launched TVOC-qualified premium high solid clearcoat
    "Zenith Clear HC-5210"

    Launched "Bodyian" system in the Korean market

  • 2008

    Completion of Poseung factory (automotive refinish only)

    Established automotive refinish Joint Venture in China

    Established automotive refinish Joint Venture in U.A.E
    for markets in MENA

    Established Joint Venture in Vietnam / Local production of
    automotive refinish

    Entered into automotive refinish markets in Oceania,
    Central and South America, CIS

    Launched automotive refinish brand "Bodyian" system (export only)

    Sales of Japanese automotive refinish "AUTUSS"

  • 2007

    Started local production in Saudi Arabia through technical license

  • 2006

    Entered into markets in Southwest Asia

  • 2005

    Entered into markets in Africa

  • 2004

    Organization of automotive refinish division

  • 2003

    Entered into markets in Middle East, USA, Southeast Asia / Opened the 1st HiQ agent in Beijing

  • 2002

    Established affiliate in China / Entered into Chinese automotive
    refinish market

  • 1997

    Established training center in Busan Factory

  • 1995

    Joint investment contract with NIPPON PAINT to build automotive
    refinish factory

  • 1994

    Established training center in Anyang Factory / Registered automotive
    refinish brand, "HiQ"

  • 1991

    Completion of Anyang automotive refinish factory

  • 1985

    Technical partnership with Sherwin-Williams regarding
    automotive refinish paint

Research performance and
main products
Research performance

High-solids clearcoat, Fast-drying acrylic & urethane clearcoat, Low VOC acrylic & urethane clearcoat, Cold cure acrylic & dispersion synthetic technology Waterborne clearcoat, Waterborne basecoat, Urethane clearcoat, Waterborne acrylic-urethane

Major developed products

Master Clear Plus, TC-9300, TC-5800, HIQ basecoat, Unitan series, Bodyian basecoat, EF series